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House Concerts

Want to book a house concert? It's exactly how it sounds. Jared performs acoustic, storyteller shows in the homes (backyards) of his supporters. Turn your house into a secret venue for an evening. If this sounds like a fun idea to you, leave your information below and Jared will send you details on how to pull off your very own private house concert for you and a group of your friends. 

If you need more information, check out the video and read below.

Jared Mahone: Through the Front Door
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Jared performs these special shows on "off nights" while he is on tour. If you leave your information, he will let you know when he is coming through your town with a day off (usually a weeknight). If you are able to host on one of these empty nights, he will show up and help turn your space into a tiny concert hall. The best part is, Jared doesn't ask a performance fee from the host. It won't cost you much more than making a few snacks for your guests. All you need to do is invite a listening crowd of 25-40 people. Your guests chip in a premium donation (usually around $20 per) and Jared will perform a special storyteller concert that he doesn't play in venues. 

If you've never hosted something like this before, don't worry. Read through this step-by-step guide to HOSTING A HOUSE CONCERT to see just how easy it is. 

*Covid-19 edit - When public venues full of strangers aren't as appealing, you might not be opposed to smaller gatherings with close, trusted friends in your living room. House concerts are best indoors for an intimate experience. BUT, if we are still uncomfortable gathering closely in confined spaces, a house concert could also be done OUTSIDE in the open air. Jared is now touring the country in an RV and coming through your city when the weather is nice. If you're comfortable and willing to plan like the world isn't ending, let's put a house concert together in your living room OR your backyard. 

Send your information above and we'll talk it out.

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