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Jared Mahone - Roof Top FreakOut - 6.1.2


Jared Mahone has patiently turned hometown open mic night glory into a full-time career as a nationally touring, independent recording artist.  

Jared achieved local recognition with his "garage soul" band playing his original music throughout favorite venues of the Columbus, Ohio music scene. He garnered regional recognition winning a midwest area talent search promoted by Verizon being named the first ever Verizon "Indie Icon" and went on to appear as a musical guest on the nationally televised, ABC daytime talk show, Katie, hosted by Katie Couric. 


After embarking on many national tours as a solo artist, his writing took an organic shift to Americana soul music better fit for the listening rooms he frequented. He was named Best Male Artist in the International Acoustic Music Awards for his song "From Joe to Betsy (Wild and Wonderful)" and found a passion for connecting with his fanbase in a more personal way by booking house concerts in private living rooms from coast to coast. Jared dismisses fame chasing. Instead, he favors a troubadour-style trudge across the country meeting new supporters one handshake at a time. 

Jared pursues success in writing by crafting heartfelt, original songs from inspired moments. He seeks to create palatable pop art that speaks honestly about the human condition. He brings a sense of intimacy to a show no matter how large the stage wrapping crowds into a narrative of which they ultimately become the subject.

Jared is currently in one of three places; writing new music in his midwest home, recording himself or other artists/bands in his commercial studio space in Columbus, or on tour performing concerts around the country. 

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