We met our fundraising goal for our Kickstarter campaign! After 59 days of a 60 day run to raise $10,000 for our new album, we now have $10,175 with 24 hours to go. I am so proud to represent this crowd and am completely humbled that this band has the kind of support that we can count on when we are in need. In 6 years of this music adventure, we have never asked for anything more than your presence at a show and to stay connected to what we’ve been doing as a band. I am so glad that when we did ask, you all came through in a big way.

Remember, a pledge campaign on Kickstarter can be backed well over 100%. So, if you were planning on donating but you still have yet to pledge and you still want to get in on the incentives, pre-order the album, or if you just want to say that you were a part of this album, PLEASE KEEP PITCHING IN. Plus, any of the extra money we can raise can only make the album that much better. For instance, once we are done recording, we have an opportunity to have our album mixed by Mike Landolt, grammy winner as an engineer for Maroon 5′s Songs about Jane album. That’s an extra chunk of change that we weren’t budgeting for but it’s such a great opportunity that kind of fell into our lap.

Get those last minute pledges in before the campaign closes at 11pm tomorrow night. (Sunday). We will keep sending updates as the recording progresses and are excited for a release late summer/early fall. Here is the link one more time.

One thought on “WE DID IT!!!

  1. Jared, I think your music is absolutely amazing!! I truly enjoy playing you every week on my show from 11 am to 1 pm on The Underground, Columbus, and I can’t wait to meet you at the Shadowbox this Tuesday for the CSS. :) Thank you for your incredible gift!

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