Opening for O.A.R.

Well, our new album Mixtape was officially released on October 23rd. The following Saturday the 27th, we provided show support as an opener for multi-platinum recording artists O.A.R. They had a concert at Millet Hall on Miami University campus for family weekend and we joined them on stage. This wasn’t like a fake opening like some bands or artists will say. Like, they will say, “Has opened for Big Name Artist” when really, they played the same festival stage as Big Name Artist or something. Even if they played the slot right before Big Name Artist took the stage, that’s still not opening for them. Granted, this was not an official tour date for O.A.R., but we were officially invited by Red Light Management to be show support. Legit, right?

I’ll have to admit, it was pretty cool. I was fairly nervous going in. Not the concert part or being on stage in front of a ton of people or anything like that. Music is music and I love to perform. It was everything else. Honestly, it was the first time I had ever been in a real pro situation so the whole etiquette of being backstage, talking with the promoter, connecting with the stage crew, etc., believe it or not, that was all new to me. I wasn’t really sure how to properly navigate that environment and come out looking like I knew what I was doing. So, about ten minutes into being there, I just decided that it was ok to be uncomfortable. I don’t know if there is anyway to know how to act in a new situation other than being kind, transparent, and apologetic about things of which I may be ignorant. So, I treated the whole thing like a big learning experience. I’m sure it was quite annoying for seasoned pros to watch someone so green fumble around, but I guess that is inevitable when it’s your first time around.

Although we may have flubbed the set list a little, I think we handled it well. Jerry DePizzo, Evan Oberla, and John Lampley make up the horn section for O.A.R. and, because Jerry was producing, they played on our record. So, in the middle of our set, we called them up on stage and they played their parts from the album with us. So, that made it extra cool. We had ten dudes on stage playing these songs that I wrote. Big sound.

All in all, it was a great experience. The next big thing coming up is our CD release party. Hopefully, we can get the horn section back up there with us, but we’ll see. We will have some guest players come up on stage from the album and we will be playing Mixtape top to bottom along with some old favorites. Kevin Daniel will be opening the show with his band. Presale and other information will be posted soon! See you there.


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